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DeMarsico’s Wine Cellar Wine List


Ali’s Wine: This Lightly filtered, Semi-Sweet Wine is made from a blend of Raspberries and Blueberries.  (Sold out).

Jazzy’s Wine: This sweet wine is made from a blend of Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. A smooth wine for any occasion. N

Blueberry Nights: Made from Maine Blueberries. The bold blueberry flavor will entice your pallet. Just released again!

Blackberry-(Twisted Black). This sweet wine is made from 100% blackberries, is light and full of flavor. 

Wild Mountain Cider: (Original) This is a flat cider, (non-carbonated), made from local apples.

Kennie's hard Apple Raspberry Cider- A French-carbonated Cider, full of Raspberry Flavor. Sold in 12 oz bottles or 4-packs.

Pear Cider-A French-carbonated Cider, light and full of Pear flavor. Sold in 12 oz bottles or 4-packs.  (Can mix and match with Kennie's ).

Pear Wine- This wine is both sweet and Tart. And full of Pear flavor!

Blueberry Mead: This wine is made from Maine Blueberries and local Florida Mountain (MA) Honey.  A great drink by the fire on those colder nights. (Sold out)

Pumpkin: This wine is made from Local Pumpkins. It’s like drinking Pumpkin Pie in a bottle. (Seasonal, )

Merlot: A full bodied wine aged in stainless steel with light French oaked added. Great plum and cherry flavors.

UnOaked Chardonnay:  This wine, made from California grapes, is aged in stainless steel, and has a light buttery taste. 

Pinot Grigio:  A dry Wine. Made from Chilean grapes,  This wine has Light Honeysuckle and Apple flavors. A great wine with seafood.

Pinot Noir: A lighter red wine made from Chilean grapes, aromas of fruits, black cherry and currant will appease the palate. This wine is Unoaked. 

Strawberry Mead: This wine is made from Sweet Berries and local Florida Mountain (MA) honey A nice light summer drink. (Sold Out)

Peach: This light, sweet wine is made from fresh local peaches. The flavor is just like biting into a ripe peach. 

Sauvignon Blanc: A crisp, dry white wine made from Chilean grapes, with fruity flavors and notes of citrus. This wine pares well with any meal or dessert.

Fireside: (Dry) a blend of Strawberries and Blueberries. This wine was created on summer night by the fire.  (Sold out).

**All of our wines have A.B.V.’s of 10-13% and contain Sulfites. We ferment all Berry Wines right in the tank for  more color and great taste. Our wines have a slight cloudiness because we rack and lightly filter. So come on in to our new tasting room and have a try. see you then.  SALUTE !



5 Tastings--$8            Glass of Wine--$8               Glass of Mead--$10

Wine Flights:  3-2oz pours--$8       Glass of Cider--$6.     Cider flights: 3-5oz pours. $7.50, 4 for $10.00


*Add Mead to any flight for $2.00 more